Normalness is an ode to the humdrumness of life. When it comes to articulating what normalness is all about, I like to refer to the ideas of the writer Michael Foley in his wonderful book Embracing the Ordinary. According to him most of us have lost the capacity to ‘see the marvels surrounding them and always yearn for something else.’ A way to resolve these feelings of discontent and unfulfillment, according to mister Foley, lies in living in the now through the means of art. We need a new perspective  which permits us to see the world, the human condition, with new eyes. We need to develop a new perception, and start relabeling the everyday world. It is not what you look at that matters, but what you see. And I cannot agree with him more! And for me of course it’s the medium of photography that will do all this relabeling. Photographs reveal to us what we have seen but not really seen. And this is where my black and white documentary photography project Normalness comes in.


In Normalness we can see images of normal people in daily and ordinary pursuits. Most of them are spending time alone in the public space absorbed in thoughts. Or being absent especially in the company of others. They are doing something or nothing. These images are about unimportant hero’s in commonplace situations. There is nothing epic about these people. Or is there? Sometimes these people are funny, sometimes sad or full of hope. These images show a quiet kind of normalness that needs our attention for its own special marvel.


In may 2020 I will exhibit my work to accompany the publication of my first photo book on Normalness. Stay tuned for more news on this topic via my blog posts.